About Our Team

Bringing Creation-based medicine to the Forest
and Lynchburg area……

  • Acupuncture 100%
  • Herbal Therapy 65%
  • Medical Massage 100%
  • Cupping 100%
  • Guasha 100%
  • Qigong 90%
  • TaiQi Chuan 80%

Ken Harbour

Dipl.Ac. L.Ac. C.M.T

Ken Harbour has, with his wife Diana, had the same goal for thirty-eight years ~ to empower people and change their lives forever. They have accomplished this through the activities of Christian relief work for over twenty years, and served people who are sick and hurting with natural healing here in the States. Both have roots in the western region of West Virginia and take pride in their mountain heritage.
…..Ken’s bodywork experience in martial arts began at the age of 15 and advanced through years in Europe with the USAF. He earned multiple instructor belts/ranks in several martial arts. He studied Okinawan Karate from 1966 – 1968 earning Brown Belt Status and an introduction to Amma therapy.

…..Ken has studied he studied Chinese Kempo and YinPauKua techniques with Sifu Sichan Tongchuan in Europe earning an advance status and acquiring acupressure skills based on Chinese massage techniques.
…..In 1973-75 he earned an instructo’rs rank in Jidokwan Taekwando and continued to utilize meditation, soft martial arts forms, and acupressure touch for therapeutic treatment. Ken was one of the first Americans to study DaMoo QiGong in a residency program in Bedahai China in 1997. He also studied Qigong Therapy under Master Luke Chan in the United States in 1999.

…..Ken is a graduate of Natural Touch School of Therapeutic Massage. Multiple trips to Thailand from 1996 – 2003 allowed him to learn and experience Thai massage in an academic setting of the Wat Po Temple in Thailand, comparing and disseminating its structure into a Western practice format. He is a graduate of Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in Sugar Grove, North Carolina and is licensed to practice in Tennessee and Virginia.

…..Ken’s educational experiences encompass ancient languages, linguistics, theology, martial arts, and soft tissue manipulation. Successful experiences in the corporate world led to a life mission of assisting minorities in Asia and cultivating self-help projects among the poor. Ken and Diana founded The Barnabas Fellowship and have researched and initiated projects in Asia for over twenty years.
…..They have hosted scores of visitors from around the world, many of whom have had experience in Asian healing modalities and unique forms of healing touch. Advanced teaching in village medicine from a Christian perspective was received under Sadu Sundar Singh of Mussorie, India, Sadu Chappala and Daniel Dayanadan of the Madras Mission Asharam.

…..In his travels (over 35 countries), directing nonprofit activities, Ken has deepened his understanding of hands-on-healing techniques in a wide variety of locations… investigating, exploring, and experiencing ancient medical systems. From the acupuncture and massage clinics of China and South East Asia, to the Ashrams of India, from herbal pharmacies of Malaysia to temples in Thailand, Ken has explored the therapeutic properties of touch on many levels. Ken leans toward oriental therapy and neuromuscular massage.
…..He has also studied Cranio-sacral, Deep-tissue, Thai modalities, Shiatsu, Reflexology, and Ayurvedic techniques, Qigong, Tai Chi, and Acupuncture. Ken is a former Director of a Massage School in Lynchburg, VA, where he implemented a 1000 hr course of instruction and assisted in curriculum development, earned acclaim as a Master Teacher and received the ACICS Teacher of the Year Award. The Massage School enjoyed a 100% pass rate in National Certification Testing during Ken’s tenure. He has received peer recognition for excellence in teaching and is a committed student of healing arts.

…..Ken, with his wife Diana, operated Lynchburg Medical Massage and Reflexology in Lynchburg, Virginia and specialized in medical referrals combining the Healing Presence technique, Reflexology, and Asian Therapy. Presently, they reside in Lynchburg, Virginia and operate BlueCrane Acupuncture Clinic and conduct seminars.

  • Acupuncture 100%
  • Herbal Therapy 45%
  • Auricular Acupuncture 90%
  • Cupping 90%
  • Guasha 100%
  • TaiQi 80%
  • Emotional Release Techinque 80%

Diana Harbour

Dipl.Ac. L.Ac. M.Ed..

Diana Harbour is the grounding force in the partnership. Her personality and quiet demeanor tend to balance Ken’s gifting. Diana’s bodywork experience is in Reflexology and Energetic’s Therapy in addition to her license iin Classical Chinese Medicine and acupuncture.
…..She began in 1986 with an interest in Reflexology and Energetic hands-on-healing. She pursued these approaches to healing through independent study with Christian women from around the world. Her mentor studies include: Ethel Cincero, energetic healing practitioner from Manila, Philippines and Wendy Thang, of Yangoon, Myanmar from 1986 – 1990. Diana explored several methods in the area of Reflexology through extensive research and dialogue with practitioners of different styles.

…..In 1997 she attended classes in the Egyptian style of reflexology and explored its therapeutic value. ..In 1998 Diana settled on and started practicing the Ingham Method of Reflexology. Certification with the International Institute of Reflexology, St. Petersburg, FL, was begun in 2003. She attained certification in 2004. · She has also incorporated the teachings of Hanne Marquardt of Germany. Diana has merged energetic aspects based on her own research, which greatly enhance the effects of reflex therapy.Other studies include Advanced Reflexology Training with Anthony Porter of London, England in 2005, and Quantum Touch healing methods 2002 ·
…..She is a graduate of Jung Tao School of Classical Chinese Medicine in Sugar Grove, North Carolina and holds the Masters degree L.Ac. and is Nationally Certified and licensed by the Board of Medicine in Virginia to practice Acupuncture.
…..With a bachelor’s degree in teaching Language Arts from Marshall University in Huntington, West Virginia and a master’s degree in English Education from Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia, Diana has a thorough background in methods of teaching, curriculum development and implementation. Her teaching experience has included work in public and private schools and colleges.
…..In her travels in Asia, she has deepened her understanding of hands-on-healing techniques in a wide variety of locations, experiencing ancient medical systems. She has been able to take her observations of healing methods from Thailand, India and Nepal to incorporate them into her own work with reflexology and energetic healing. She has also taught in Nepal about methods of healing and help develop and conduct the Healing Presence Seminars in the United States focusing on hands-on-healing and Reflexology.

Diana,with her husband Ken, operated Lynchburg Medical Massage and Reflexology in Lynchburg, Virginia and specialized in medical referrals combining the Healing Presence technique, Reflexology, and Chinese Energetic Theory. Presently, they reside in Lynchburg, Virginia and established the BlueCrane Acupuncture Clinic.

…Diana has taken a keen interest in needle-less Acupunture methods and practices and shares a method of therapy to patients called Emotional Release Technique.

Timely Appointments

All of our appointments begin on the hour and we rarely keep our patients waiting.  At BlueCrane you will get our undivided attention. At BlueCrane, you are a person…not an appointment.

Innovative Medicine

Combining Classical Oriental Medicine with the latest understanding from the present.  We have close professional associations with a variety of Lynchburgs top Physicians.

LifeChanging Results

Our ultimate goal is your wellness.  We want to be key players in on your health team so that living life to the fullest and maximizing your potential can be achieved.

Clear Communication

One of the things that sets BlueCrane apart from others is the amount of time we take to listen to our patients.  Every aspect of your life, that you desire to share, is considers when customizing treatments for you.